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Wine and food tourism is a new, exciting opportunity for the area and for its traditions. Today, farm stays, restaurants and hotels focus on the area’s high-quality food and wine offering, regarded by visitors as an important part of any holiday. With the aim of raising its profile by promoting typical local products, the Province of Barletta Andria Trani proposes a wide-ranging, tempting offering, ranging from savoury dishes to sweet, from oven-baked specialities to conserves, cheese, salamis and cured meats.

Both the fresh and matured local cheeses are excellent. From buffalo mozzarella to the burrata (a cheese rather like a mozzarella with a delicious creamy heart), cacioricotta and pecorino dauno, Apulian dairy products go very well with vegetable conserves: aubergines, artichokes, lampascioni (the bulbs of the tassel hyacinth) and sun-dried tomatoes, often preserved under oil, make delicious souvenirs to take home. What’s more, they will remind you of the intense flavours and the warm welcome you received in Apulia.

With regard to oven-baked products, the specialities here have a simple, authentic flavour, the result of a happy blend of locally grown wheat and the strong flavour of PDO “Castel del Monte” olive-oil: taralli, struffoli, frise, pane casereccio (home-made bread) and, last but not least, cartellate and confetti di Andria (sugared almonds), little pearls of sweetness unlike any others in the South of Italy.